I’m two hands old today! Happy 6th Birthday to Drew

Dec 8, 2011 by

Hello Mamas,

One of the perks to having your own blog is you get to tell the world when it is your child’s birthday.  Today my youngest son Drew turns 6! Drew is your token fourth child, easy going, always happy, wildly imaginative, tough as nails and funny! The other day he said to me  with a serious look ” Mom when I grow up you are going to be an old lady!”  or he will walk into the room look at me and say ” I’m sexy and I know it!”  we call those moments in our home “random thoughts by Drew” and they bring us lots of laughter.

As hard as it is to watch your children grow up it does bring an amazing feeling of pride to see them succeed in life.  Drew started playing tackle football this year. He was the youngest player in our Pop Warner Football League ORYF.  I pleaded my case to have him wait one more year but he wanted to follow in his twin brothers football steps so we decided to let him try.  What was so impressive to me was to see my little boy not even in Kindergarten yet show up to every practice, learn all the plays and go out there every Sunday and play the game of football. Most games going up against  7 year olds.  I remember one game that stands out in my head, this was the game that I knew no matter what life has in store for Drew he is going to be okay. Drew was blocking a 7 year old player who we were told was one of their best players. Drew never let that boy out of his sight he followed him until he heard the whistle and most times the ball was well on the other side of the field. When the game was over the father of the player said to Drew’s dad “is that your son number 10? that boy doesn’t quit!”  For me one word comes to mind… Awesome!

As you can see I am so proud of my son and today I would like to wish my Drew Bear a very happy two hands today Birthday!  May you always wake up every morning full of awesome!  As you will always be one of my favorite surprise presents of all time!

Love you always!



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  1. Papa

    Happy Birthday Drewbear. Remember Papa loves you

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