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Hello Mamas,

The countdown to summer is almost here but my new outlook is not to be bikini ready but to be healthy and happy. I have been really focused on eating healthy and the benefits of understanding how our body works.  A friend of mine from high school just got engaged and when he put up pictures of his fiance they caught my eye, she is beautiful, fit and a mom and I came to find out she has an inspiring story to tell. You can change your life for the better!

I got a chance to put Josette in the Haute Seat so she could share a bit about herself with you.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a Cuban American, born in Philadelphia and raised in Peru, Argentina and Puerto Rico. I moved to New England in 2007.
I spent most of my life overweight and suffered of PPD for many years. 8 years ago I learned to control of my physical and emotional health with real food. I am now 
a Health and Fitness professional who believes true transformation begins from the INSIDE out; Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Fitness Competitor, and divorced mother of four.

2. What was the turning point for you to embrace fitness and healthy eating.
It was about a year after having my 4th child. I was 33 years old, 30lbs overweight and taking antidepressants for PPD. I remember driving to the pharmacy to refill my medication and having a breakdown in the car thinking…”Is this my life?! Fat and Miserable? Taking meds for the rest of my life?? I knew I had to be the one to take control, no one else could do it for me.

3. If you could tell our Mamas out there one thing they should know that is the most important aspect of losing weight and keeping it off.
Your focus should be on proper nutrition to control your health. Once you maintain that as a lifestyle, your body will follow. It’s not the other way around. All those crazy diets that say you can lose 10 pounds in 3 days aren’t even good for you.

4. How would you describe your style. ( was there a change in outlook after you lost weight and became more fit.)
Well, I’ve always been very Latina! ie…stilettos to go grocery shopping and red lipstick to hit the gym. But now that I’m fit and healthy, I definitely feel a lot more confident wearing form fitting clothing. I have to say I felt very out of place when I first moved to New England 4 years ago, I got lots of stares at the bus stop from the other parents when they saw me in my ‘hoochie mama’ workout clothes. 

5. What is your favorite recipe on your website?
I have to mention 2 of them. One is my GetJosette bars! They’re great when you’re craving something sweet and they’re so easy to make! My other favorite is also a big hit with the kids, it’s the Chicken, Sweet Potato and Pineapple dish. You literally throw all 3 ingredients in a crock pot with a dash of ginger and cinnamon and that’s it! Delish AND Nutrish!

6. Favorite exercise
That’s easy!! Turbo Kick!! It’s a combination of kickboxing and dance!! The music is insanely awesome!! I believe music makes or breaks a workout…it’s THAT important!! If you’re not enjoying the music then you won’t put much effort into your exercise but if you’re into the music, your workouts become more intense which means you will burn more calories! 

7. if you had a crazy day what exercise could you fit in while at home?
Funny you should ask because this happens quite often! I turn up the music while I’m making dinner for the kids and I just start dancing! It only takes 10 min of exercise for your body to release endorphins, that’s your body’s natural happy hormone and all you have to do is move to get it!

8. Favorite guilty pleasure? ( ex.. reality tv etc.)
I have to admit, I’m a Real Housewives addict. Watching them makes me feel better about my life when I feel run down about being a single parent of 4 and running my own business. It’s therapeutic to know I’m so much better off than they are even though they have more money. I’d never switch places with them. Knowing that I can help people take control of their weight and health is priceless to me.


Loved getting to know Josette and hear her story, it really is about adopting a healthy lifestyle. I have been working on changing my eating habits since November and I have lost weight gradually but feel so much better in my clothes.  I signed up for josette’s website. it is free to join and she has a lot of great recipe’s like sweet turkey spud muffins I will snack on one mid day as well as her bars!!!  I also found the grocery list so helpful, I printed it out and have it in my purse.  I use Josette as my inspiration if she can adopt this lifestyle with four kids  I can do it too, just takes some prep work and determination and then pretty soon it becomes second nature!

Josette is giving away to one lucky mama her new book Frumpy to Fabulous! Just leave a comment on fb or our blog and you will be entered to win! We will choose the winner next Tuesday May 29th!

xo Kimberly




  1. Lisa Flecchia

    Would love a chance to win Josette’s book. Thank you!

  2. Melissa

    I recently started with Josette after trying millions of weight loss programs ie. Weight watchers, Nutri system and the latest Isagenix. I don’t need to lose a lot of weight but those last 10 pounds to make you “feel” good. After two weeks with Josette I lost 7 1/2 inches…”It’s not the pounds that count”. Wow, i feel and look healthier just by eating CLEAN! Thanks Josette, she is an inspiration to a 42 year old working mother of two who is about to concur her own goal of finishing a half marathon this weekend.

    • threehautemamas

      Congrats Melissa!! Thanks for commenting! We will be thinking of you this weekend!!!

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