If Santa’s sack was indeed magic………

Dec 7, 2010 by

Hello Mamas,

Kate called me the other day and said " Okay, we are going to do a post featuring our dream wish lists for Santa!" Oooooooo! I thought this could be funnnnn!!

So if Santa's sack was indeed magic and he thought I was really, really, really good this year. This is what I would ask for…..

X-mas picture kids 2
Does that magic reindeer dust work on children? I would love…..My kids to have a clean bill of health and always be clean and tidy and smiling at me!!! Oh ya and a response or action after the first time I ask! Holla


Picture 12

Could you wave your magic wand and remodel my Kitchen for me? I'm sorry your right Santa that is the Fairy Godmother. oops! Well, do you have any cabinets in your sack? I've been really good! 


Picture 13
Now can you define Good? Well then a new 2011 Toyota Sequoia would be most appreciated! I'm currently driving a 2002 Toyota Sequoia! Thats another post for another day but can I just say… Best car eva'h!!!!!!


Picture 15

 My kids and I would love and really need a trip to the Bahamas! Atlantis Resort will do just fine!! 


Picture 16
Last but not least Wes Welker? I mean a Super Bowl Victory for the Patriots maybe some tickets!!!! Ya! Thats what I mean!!!!! Wink! Wink!!!!!

Picture 24
Oooo one more thing! I know.. giggle giggle I don't ask for much Santa! This amazing Versace gown to wear to oh say…. The Ellie Fund Oscar Night Gala! It would compliment Wes Welker's eyes nicely! Lol!!


Santa baby… Now hurry down the chimney tonight!!!!!

XO Kimberly

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