The Ellie Fund Nothing Short of Awesome by Tara Griffith

Oct 23, 2012 by

Mamas, we would like to introduce to you our friend Tara. She is a breast cancer survivor and such an amazing person, always with a smile on her face and willingness to help others she will always be in our eyes a HAUTE MAMA!


xo Kimberly & Christina



Haute Mamas,
At the age of 33, I felt a sudden itch on my right breast and noticed a rather large lump. As my toddler was tugging on my shirt I thought ” no way… This can’t be breast cancer… I’m way to young and I have no family history!” A few days ( and many tests later ) I was told that , yes , I had breast cancer. So many things ran through my mind…. I did not have time for this!
I had heard of the Ellie fund ( a local non- profit that provides meals, transportation , child care and  supermarket gift cards) through one of my husbands students at Wellesley high. I applied for services and a few days later got a hand written note and a beautiful pashmina scarf in the mail. I knew right then and there that they truly are nothing short of awesome!
Today, I am a healthy 35 year old woman who has beat breast cancer and I can honestly say I could not have done it without all the love and support of my family, friends and the Ellie fund. I now serve on the board of directors and do as much as I can to help other women like me facing this awful disease…. In honor of national breast cancer month , the Ellie fund is hosting great events throughout the Boston area… Check out our website to find out how YOU can make a difference.

xo Tara

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