It’s all in the eyes… $50 off your new eyes!!!

Oct 24, 2012 by

Hi Mamas!!! I wanted to share an amazing deal for you!!! I am always complimented on my eyelashes. People can’t believe how amazing my eyelashes look!! And yes they are amazing and they aren’t Mine!!! I have been getting eyelash extensions for about 4 years now!!! It is my ONE monthly MUST have. It’s saves me SO much time because I don’t have to use mascara or spend time curling my eyelashes!! Check out this pic of me in a recent photo shoot that Kim and I had. I have NO mascara on mamas!! NONE!

Now you say.. how can I afford this? Most eyelash extensions range from $300-$500 for a full set. And refills are usually about $150 a pop!! Well mamas… not my go to guy!! I introduce you to “my guy” Eddie Boehmer at Bananas Eddie is the owner of Bananas in Norwood and I have known him for a LONG time. He has now taken on the title of therapist as well!! It’s the best hour!! I walk out with beautiful eyes, a clear head, and a sore stomach from laughing!!

He now is sharing his talent with all my readers! And has given you a $50 off a FULL set of eyelashes if you mention this post with Three Haute Mamas. The best part about Eddie besides his talent is his prices. He is half the price of those fancy eyelash places and his stay on the longest!! His prices are as follows:

Full Set @ Bananas – $175 vs. Others $300-$500

Refill @ Bananas – $78 vs. Others $150

Call Bananas today and make an appointment because he books up fast. Eddie @ Bananas 781-255-0345



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