Happy Halloween

Oct 31, 2012 by

Hello Mamas,

Halloween has become one of my favorite holidays, it is a time to bond with my kids as well as have a ball with my friends. For the past few years I have been dressing up for my kids school parties and also to trick or treat with them. One year I was Cleopatra the next year I was Alice in Wonderland and  my all time favorite costume thus far was Wonder Women. I can understand now why I could never get my boys out of their superhero costumes which was given first priority when they woke up for years, breakfast to be had but only after batman and robin were present.

This past weekend I attended a Halloween party with some of my favorite townies. Who doesn’t love a good fantasy and a reason to laugh.  Last year I was Wonder Women who like I said was pretty hard to top.  I mean come on, Princess of the Amazon! I could be so much more productive if I wore a Wonder Women costume everyday or at least when I was out on the dating scene or trying to get to the bottom of my kids shenanigans . Lasso of truth could really come in handy.

This year I was an airplane Captain why I chose this costume is beyond me, it looked comfortable and I liked the hat. Okay, maybe because this is the last Halloween in my thirties and I want to be able to look back at pictures one day and say…. I was what?!  Okay, to be quite honest what girl doesn’t want to play the fantasy and be sexy. My advice to my Mamas out there GO FOR IT!  My girlfriends loved the costume and so did their dates and vice versa. It was great to see my girls look so good and have fun.  It was also great to see them as couples enjoying one another.

I joked that my girlfriends were my flight attendants for the evening. Thank you for flying Air Fantasy! giggle… 

Long live HAUTE Mamas!

and have a safe and fun Halloween!

xo Kimberly

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