Do you still do matchy outfits?

Nov 5, 2012 by

I recently have spoken to some close friends of mine when out to dinner or doing a girls day shopping searching for that great deal and they both said I could never put your outfit together…. I need everything to be matchy matchy… Black shirt, jeans, black boots with silver and black accessories. Everyone feels like their shoes need to match another large piece of your outfit when fact is it’s totally opposite!! Things need to be style appropriately and you need for the color scheme to work together but NOT match perfectly.. (love the word they both used btw “matchy “)

This is not a matchy match outfit… I am wearing dark purple skinny cords by Jbrand with a mustard yellow plaid (had a tiny line of purple) shirt by Jcrew layered with a creme tank, and a taupe herringbone rossette jacket by Banana Republic, and neutral booties by Calvin Klein.

Don’t be afraid to mix up colors!!! I know you mamas out there are full of life so show it when your getting dressed!!! Don’t get me wrong … i love an all black outfit.. but mix it up by throwing in prints and a pair of colored shoes like purple!!!! Just like this get up below!!!

Strapless black peplum by ASOS with bold aztec print matchstick jeans by JCrew and purple (photo came out bad.. but they are purple.. sorry!!)  suede booties with chain link. Keep mixing it up with bold prints and LOTS of color mamas!!! Go bold or go home!!!

Xo Christina




  1. love those pants!

    xo Jessica
    -check it out!-

  2. i am searching for these pants!

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