Election Day Style

Nov 6, 2012 by

Hello Mamas,

Today no matter what political party you are supporting we are Americans and we are all voting for a better future. On a lighter note, what to wear! Today my kids were home from school so the theme of my look was “Casual American Mom”. After I cast my vote the troops and I were off to see Wreck it Ralph. My review on this movie is, if the kids liked it moms happy but really I’m thinking that was 1 hr and 48 minutes of my life I will never get back. lol!

My outfit consisted of a Free People tank, Tommy Hilfiger coat, Limited blouse and J Brand Dylan Jeans.

Hoping that if I go for a red white and blue theme that we will be on track for a better America.

I would like to thank all those brave and strong women of the past for fighting to give me my right to vote today!

I am a women who counts, I Vote!

xo Kimberly

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