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Hello Mamas,

Recently I received a book in the mail titled One Hot Mama a Guide to Getting Your Mind and Body Back After Baby  written by my now friend Erin Cox. Erin and I have never met but through the power of Social Media and the community of phenomenal women it connects everyday we have found a few common interests. Most important is that we are moms and we have the same desire and that is to be the best self we can be while still providing for our families needs.  I am proud of Erin for following her dream to write a guide for women to help them do just that, be the best self they can be while in the midst of such life changing experiences like becoming a new mom. Can you imagine with babies in tow writing your own book? Well Erin did it and it is wonderful.

As I was reading it I was thinking to myself how I really could have benefited from all the great advice she has written when my children were little but it was a great reminder now of all the reasons I should be good to myself.  It is simple and thoughtful and spot on and so unbelievably important to hear and to act on. This book is a must read for moms whether it is your first, second,third etc. To purchase One Hot Mama click here.

As I read One Hot Mama I was reminiscing about how I was not so good to myself back in the day, I had gained 65 pounds with my first pregnancy, although I never for a minute felt overwhelmed with a newborn I did experience extreme fatigue which as I think back now affected me in so many ways.  It was a while  before I lost all the weight and then finally when I did about a year and a half later I got pregnant with my twins. 65 pounds again and then again with my fourth. UGH! In a span of 4 1/2 years I had four babies and at that point although I was overwhelmed with love I was overwhelmed by myself and how much I had changed.  You can say a mini breakdown ensued and what I describe as a tornado ripping through my life. I saw this coming toward me but I went straight for it because I knew it would change me one way or another. Like any Tornado the aftermath is devastating  and for me it was a divorce, hurting my babies, my then husband and having to start all over again  but their was one positive, I had found myself again. I’m not sure if  by me hearing then that I needed a break or someone screaming in my face that I needed more time for myself would have stopped that Tornado from forming I don’t know.  I do know that you are led towards things in life and it comes down to a game time decision on how to act  do I or don’t I.  The biggest blessing I have learned through all of this is that it is so important to never neglect yourself, never ignore your inner voice, always respect you. You are the most important person in your life and everyone around you benefits when you are the best you.  It has been almost three years since my divorce and about six since that tornado hit.  It has taken this long to rebuild and to heal, my kids are happy and healthy, I have a good relationship with my ex and if it wasn’t for financial struggles I would be content and happy. I am 100% me again and boy is that voice loud when it doesn’t agree with something or like a situation I put myself in but out of respect for myself I listen now and when I need time I take it.  Life is good

” Moms need to build up their strength and care for themselves first, when they can, so they have the energy and love to nurture their family. — Erin Cox

So important and we are now like girlfriends giving you advice. We have been there and that gives us the opportunity to be here for you… Hot Mama, Haute Mama whatever you do just be “Your Best Mama Always”

xo Kimberly

Erin would like to give one of her books away to one lucky Mama! Leave a comment below on our website and we will draw a winner on monday December 3rd!

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