You can now have a pocket full of gems at a discount!! Happy Holidays!!!

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Hi Mamas!!

I shared with you last week a great stacked bracelet look from “Pocket full of gems“.  This sisterly duo  from Florida started an amazing company that brings us great looks for a great price that we can all afford. Hear their story and how they got started.  Meet the sisterly duo… the “Pocket full of gem” girls…

My family took a trip down to Europe this summer and we passed through tons of jewelry shops that had super unique pieces but were expensive due to the fact that it was made with real gold, silver, and diamonds. When coming back we tried finding material and inexpensive items that could be unique and exquisite just like the items we had seen in the shops. We began to create bracelets, necklaces. and earrings and spent countless hours of our summer nights designing jewelry that we hoped one day people would admire! We wanted our jewelry shop to be one of a kind…We are the crafters but our fans are the artists. Every bead, every string color, everything is picked by our customers. We pride ourselves in completely custom making our pieces! The more unique the order the better…We are two minds that can only think and create so much, but with a community of minds (our customers) we can create so much more than we could have ever imagined!

Please stop by our store and check us out. If you don’t see something you like please feel free to email us with questions or request. Enjoy an additional 15% during checkout use the code THM15

We hope you enjoy or shop! Happy Shopping Mamas,

Marion and Cristina at Pocket full of gems

I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces like this HOPE, LOVE, & FAITH bracelets.. Retail at $16!!!! What a deal and they are adjustable so they fit any size wrist!! The next bracelet is the 5 wrap. Chan Luu inspired but at a haute price of $38 vs. $190+ I don’t know about you but I like $38 all day long!!! Mix and match all their pieces to make an arm of gems!!!

Another favorite is this gorgeous Shamballa necklace!! Retails for $54

Get this stacked look with the Rose Gold Shamballa bracelet for $28!!! Another haute mama favorite!!

Enjoy shopping mamas!!! We hope you crossed off some holiday gifts and also got a little something for you!!!

XO, Christina

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