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Happy New Year Mamas,


I’m not sure why but for some reason I have this feeling of empowerment and drive heading into 2013.  What happened to me at the end of December was nothing short of another bad storm of emotions that caused me a few days of uncontrollable tears.  I felt the storm building through out the month of December lots of stress financially with trying to pull of Christmas for four children and still pay bills etc.etc. the tragedy of Newtown like all of us broke my heart.  Realizing my life as blessed as it is, is still not where I want it to be. Holidays are tough. December was tough.  When moments like that happen as hard as they are I do feel like I come out learning something more about myself. These tears were cleansing, they needed to happen, I worked through them alone and now I feel better.  No shame in that. The sun is out again.

There are so many experts out there who give great advice on how to feel less overwhelmed such as cleaning out the clutter in your home, getting active, praying, making lists etc. and there are even more inspiring stories of success that can put the wind in your sail when you need some.

I discovered this company on instagram about a month ago.  Christina and I are all about women helping women succeed. This company does just that. Like us they care about the meaningful relationship between the creator and the consumer. You can read more about these amazing women who design the jewelry for 31 Bits here.

Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 2.40.54 PM

Loom Bracelet $22

Watch this video below and check out there website filed with amazing jewelry you will be inspired to wear!

Xo Kimberly & Christina


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